Your First Visit

Dear patients, I look forward to meeting you. 

I am now offering my patients Telemedicine (Online) Consultations. Please click the FIRST STEP button above and select Online Consultation.


This first visit is a journey of exploring your general and medical background in search for clues as to what might help towards conception. I routinely meet both partners for this visit.  During history taking, we will discuss your medical and surgical past as well as health issues in the family. You might undergo an examination and/or a transvaginal ultrasound to visualize the ovaries and the womb.


If you had blood tests performed prior to your visit please bring them along. I recommend the following tests:


Any other investigation results are welcome. If you had no investigations performed I will organise the needed at the time of your first visit.  If a diagnosis becomes clear at this time you will receive advice on the treatments available. Sometimes surgery is recommended and a date will be given to you at this time. If test results are awaited you will meet me for one more visit to interpret the findings for you.

Allow 2 hours for your visit and ensure you have made appropriate provisions for parking your vehicle.  I also recommend you write down all the questions you might have and bring them along to ensure you have covered everything you wished to talk to me about.

Also please apply for a Drugs Payment Scheme (DPS) Card using the information here. This facilitates the purchase of discounted medication if you require treatments involving gonadotrophins (artificial insemination or IVF/ICSI).

The medical act aims to find a reason for your presentation, in your case, the delay in establishing a pregnancy. Once the cause/ causes are identified, targeted treatments can be offered. It is in your best interest to receive a diagnosis and the treatment you need in accordance with findings. Many times complex therapies are offered without a good understanding of underlying causes. Such therapies are expensive, intensive for both partners and none guarantee a pregnancy. In some cases, no clear cause can be identified.  I look forward to guiding you on this journey.