Advanced Semen Testing
Scientific progress makes the dream of a child possible.

The first step in the male diagnosis is a semen analysis test. A routine semen analysis only measures volume of ejaculate, semen concentration and motility (percentage of sperm that move).  


The MaleCare advanced semen testing includes: volume, concentration, motility as well as semen pH and viscosity, sperm morphology (percentage of sperm that have a normal head, mid-piece and tail), presence of antisperm antibodies and agglutination and last but not least the presence of round cells (possible infection).


All these parameters are compared with World Health Organisation (WHO) established normal values to observe if any male factors are present.  If abnormal readings are identified simple changes in lifestyle and the addition of medical interventions can have a dramatic impact towards normalising results. Usually, the male state of health is reflected in his semen quality. 


The MaleCare Advanced Diagnostic services offer a patient friendly approach with appointments on a Saturday morning and a quick turn-around time. You can make an appointment here.


Please check the following documents for information about your appointment:

Guide for a semen analysis  Guide for a semen analysis

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