by Edgar Mocanu, on Nov 20 2019

The age of first birth is continuously advancing in the western world. Women are postponing pregnancy for social or career reasons. Their partners are not always committed to a family or many times, work demands are taking priority leaving couples with limited time to dedicate to a third person. And today's couples are under the false impression that a pregnancy can always be achieved by the miraculous means of Assisted Reproduction. This is simply not the case.


How would your Life Plan look like if a good understanding of the reproductive reality could be delivered at the beginning of your career? Would the place of the family box shift to an earlier position in your life? Let's face it, in young adulthood it is all about contraception. Would the fact that a woman has no more than 400 days in her life to become pregnant change priorities? Or that fertility starts declining from age 32, sharply from age 35 and the likelihood to conceive per month is as low as 10% after 35years of age?


The truth of the matter is that women and men have different reproductive ability. For a man, the "having children" box can span for 6 decades while women have a smaller window for family creation. And this window opens in your twenties, starts closing in your thirties and is closed by your very early forties.


Be wise, sit down and discuss your family plans when you first start thinking of having a baby. Make sure you plan early and dedicate the same amount of time, energy, desire and determination as you did for your other successes in your past. It will certainly be the most rewarding enterprise of your life!