Dr. Edgar Mocanu
Dr. Edgar V. Mocanu


1. How can I make an appointment with Dr Mocanu?

You can contact Dr. Mocanu using this link.

2. Where does Dr. Mocanu see patients?

In the Private Clinic, on the grounds of the Rotunda Hospital.

3. Is there a waiting time for an appointment?

Dr Mocanu reads and prioritises all letters. You can get an appointment at the first clinic from your enquiry if you desire.

4. Is this a fee-paying consultation?

A private appointment with Dr Mocanu is a fee-paying consultation. You will be seen by Dr Mocanu for all your visits and surgical procedures.

5. How do I know my referral letter has been received?

When the referral letter is received or contact made, the appointment date and details will be forwarded to you by post. An email can also be used if more convenient to you. Please specify your preferred means of communication with you. It is essential that you confirm the attendance by returning the Appointment confirmation form by post or email.

6. What is required prior to consultation?

A referral letter from your GP/ Consultant is ideal. You can self-refer if you desire. Please bring the results of all your investigations to date at your first visit.

7. How can I come prepared for the consultation?

Please ensure both partners attend the appointment. Please read the Your first visit page.

8. What tests can my GP do before I see Dr Mocanu?

Ideally the male partner should have a semen analysis done (ask your doctor to be referred for a semen analysis) and the female partner a set of tests to include: Rubella immunity check, smear test, hormonal measurements (Day 3 to 5 FSH, LH, Oestradiol, TSH and T4 and "day 21" progesterone).

9. What should my doctor send Dr Mocanu?

Please ask you doctor to forward the results of all your tests performed to date. Any correspondence that is relevant should also be sent. If you had treatment elsewhere please ensure that you bring copies of charts and full details for the consultation with Dr Mocanu.

10. Do I need to have a semen analysis done?

Please do a sperm test before seeing Dr Mocanu. He discusses the result at the time of your consultation with him so please ensure you bring a copy with you.

11. Who do I contact to make the semen analysis appointment?

Any IVF center in your proximity suits. Please use the Semen analysis request form on my site.

12. What tests are normally performed at the time of the consultation if I had no investigations to date?

A semen analysis for the male and full hormonal profile for the female: Ovarian reserve testing (AMH), Day 3 to 5 FSH, LH, Oestradiol, TSH and T4 and “day 21” progesterone, Rubella immunity.

13. How much do the tests costs?

A full list of blood test costs can be found under Professional Fees.

14. Can ovarian reserve be tested?

Yes, an AMH level is performed and interpreted routinely.

15. What conditions does Dr Mocanu deal with?

All aspects of male and female infertility, recurrent miscarriage (more than 3), polycystic ovarian disease, endometriosis, fibroids, tubal disease, fertility and cancer.

16. What are the associated costs?

Please see Professional Fees.

17. What will happen on the first visit?

It is very important that both partners are present for this consultation. A full history, interpretation of results, discussion of next steps and recommended procedures will take place. If needed, a transvaginal ultrasound scan will also be performed. You will receive detailed advice. The consultation duration could be anything between 20 to 60 minutes. Please allow 3 hours for your visit.

18. How many visits can I expect to have?

Dr Mocanu aims to reach a diagnosis as quickly as possible. If the results of recommended investigations are at hand one visit might suffice, otherwise 2 or sometimes 3 visits are required.

19. How long for a return visit?

Return visits can be booked upon leaving after your initial consultation. There is no waiting list for return visits.

20. Can I get a Post Coital Test done by Dr. Mocanu even if I am not attending him as I have read on the internet that this can be a good test to have done?

Yes, you can attend for a formal visit in order to understand the test and organise it or organise a suitable date through his secretary at 01 8742115.

21. Do "day 3" bloods have to be done on day 3?

"Day 3" bloods can be done on day 3, day 4 or day 5 of cycle.

22. Where can I get them done if my day 3 happens at the weekend?

If the test needs to be performed on a Saturday please do it on Friday, and similarly do the test on Monday if day 3 falls on the Sunday.

23. When do I get the results of my tests which have been carried out?

All test results will be discussed at your first visit, if available or at your subsequent visit if done during your first visit with Dr Mocanu.

24. When is the Clinic Nurse available?

A nurse is available during Clinic hours: Wednesday 2pm-5pm, Thursday 9am-12noon.

25. When do I need to take my Clomid?

Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) is taken from day 2 to day 6 of cycle only.

26. When do I need to take my Nolvadex?

Nolvadex is taken from day 1 to day 5 of cycle.

27. My period has not come and I am waiting to take the prescription, what should I do?

If you period is late starting, please visit your GP to verify if you are pregnant. If not pregnant please ring the office during clinic hours and a prescription to induce a bleed can be forwarded to you.

28. When is Dr Mocanu doing a scan to see if my prescription is effective?

Days 10, 11, 12 or 13 of the cycle in which you took the tablets.

29. Do I need to have a full bladder when I am having my scan?

No, as this is a transvaginal (internal) scan. You need an empty bladder.

30. If my scan date falls when Dr. Mocanu is not available what do I do?

He will normally organise a scan for you the following month. A blood test is done on day 21 instead.

31. What surgery does Dr Mocanu perform?

He performs mainly minimal invasive surgery as described in Surgery.

32. Can I have surgery done by Dr. Mocanu even if I am not attending?

Yes, you will need to attend for a formal visit in order to understand the surgery, discuss indications, risks and sign consents.

33. I have decided to go ahead with the surgery, how do I get an appointment?

Please contact Dr Mocanu for a precise date and location for surgery.

34. Is there a particular time of the cycle for getting the surgery done?

Please ensure you are not pregnant when attending for surgery. If you were given an appointment for surgery please use protection that month so that you cannot be pregnant at time of surgery.

35. How long will I be in hospital?

Both the laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are day cases. You will be attending early in the morning and be discharged late in the afternoon. If a laparotomy (open surgery for fibroids) is planned you must attend the hospital the night before and hospital stay will be on average 5 nights.

36. Will Dr. Mocanu be doing the operation himself or will it be one of his team?

Dr Mocanu performs the surgery himself.

37. How much will the operation cost?

If you have no medical insurance the cost of surgery will be discussed at the time of the consultation.

If you have medical insurance it will cover the hospital costs, anaesthetic fees and part of Dr Mocanu's Professional Fees.

38. Why will they not cover the total cost?

Dr Mocanu is a non-participant Consultant. The surgery cost depends on the complexity of the surgery he will perform. The fee difference will be discussed before the surgery.

39. After the operation when do I get my results or see Dr. Mocanu?

A postoperative appointment is offered to all patients 6 weeks after surgery. This is to discuss findings and next steps. There is no charge for this visit.

40. I am pregnant what do I do now?

Congratulations, this is superb news. First step is to confirm the pregnancy with your GP and explore together the maternity care and obstetrician of your choice. If you wish Dr Mocanu can organise a scan at 7 weeks gestation. Please contact his secretary for an appointment.

41. I have not seen Dr. Mocanu for a while could you look at my chart and tell me what should I do prior to coming back to see him?

If you have not seen Dr Mocanu for more than 12 months a full set of investigations are normally performed. You can organise an appointment to discuss next steps.

42. Do you issue copies of receipts?

Receipts are issued for all money received for medical services. Please keep all receipts as no duplicates are provided.

43. Can I pay my bill over the telephone?

Consultations are paid for on the day of consultation. Surgery bills can be paid by phone using a credit or debit card.

44. How do I confirm my appointment?

In order to confirm the appointment offered you must send in the Appointment confirmation form. You will receive a text message a few days before your visit is due, to confirm.

45. Could I change my appointment to a different time?

Please contact 01 8742115 to organise a different appointment date and time.

46. How can I cancel my appointment?

If you wish to cancel an appointment or you wish to organise a new appointment please ring 01 8742115. Dr Mocanu asks that you let him know the reason for cancelling an appointment.

47. Can I get copies of the results of tests performed by Dr. Mocanu and what do I need to do to obtain these.

Please send a signed (both partners if all results are required) letter specifying your request and include a copy of an ID (driving license, passport) and a self addresses and stamped envelope.

48. Does Dr Mocanu perform IVF/ICSI?

Yes, he is specifically trained in advanced procedures like IUI, IVF, ICSI, testicular biopsy, oncology cryopreservation and preimplantation diagnosis. Please see Advanced Reproduction.


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