Dr. Edgar Mocanu
Dr. Edgar V. Mocanu

Your Second Opinion Consultation

It is common good medical practice to solicit a second opinion. Sometimes doctors themselves suggest to patients that a second opinion is in their best interest. A second opinion should be offered by a qualified specialist.

If you wish to organise a second opinion consultation with me please use the Make an appointment portal. I aim to discuss all details of your investigations and treatments in one single visit, unless further investigations are necessary in which case I will meet you for two visits.

I recommend you bring along the results of all your previous investigations, copies of charts and letters from the specialists you have seen before. If you had IVF/ ICSI before I recommend you bring along a full copy of your chart to include both clinical and laboratory information and all letters.

During your consultation I will assess and discuss with you all the relevant information you brought along and offer you an opinion on the way forward. In certain circumstances I might propose further testing, including surgery.  The consultation will last 30 minutes, please ensure you allow 2 hours for your visit to my rooms. I recommend you write down the questions you want answered and ideally forward to my office in advance of the consultation.

I look forward to meeting you.

Professional fees for a second opinion consultation are Euro 400.


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