Dr. Edgar Mocanu
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Second Opinion

Experience makes a difference. I have been practicing in Obstetrics and Gynaecology since 1995, my areas of expertise are related to Infertility. I am certified by the RCOG as a Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery and have practiced in Infertility, Surgery and IVF/ICSI since 2000. 

This in-depth training and long-standing clinical experience allow me to care for couples with infertility in terms of consultations, investigations, diagnosis and treatment of medical and surgical conditions including IVF/ ICSI. I offer consultations for patients wishing to plan their reproductive life as well as patients that have been through cancer therapy and wish to have a family. 

If you require a second opinion about your investigations, diagnosis, proposed or past treatments, including IVF/ ICSI please ensure you mention to my secretary that you wish a double appointment for a second opinion and bring full copies of all your medical information and therapies including laboratory details.  A fresh reassessment of your overall background, investigations, diagnosis and previous treatments will bring clarity to you and potentially offer alternative avenues for the pursuit of your reproductive dreams.

In some cases, I recommend further therapy, in other cases closure, based on the specific details of your fertility journey to date. Please ensure you bring all the medical information available to you. I would like to meet both partners for this consultation as further investigations might be recommended and performed on the day.


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