Dr. Edgar Mocanu


Offering you proven investigations, customised interventions and tailored treatments. Your first consultation with me is an opportunity to discuss your medical and social background, receive answers to your questions and plan investigations if none were performed before. By understanding your fertility challenges I am organising a diagnosis in the shortest period of time and a treatment that is tailored to your specific presentation. If previous investigations have been done please ensure you bring the results with you for this visit. I would like to explore why pregnancy has not established to date and provide you with practical advice on how matters can be improved.

I care for patients with subfertility, patients presenting with miscarriages, recurrent miscarriage (three or more) or patients requiring surgery for endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids or heavy periods. I also offer consultations for individuals considering fertility preservation and couples exploring advanced reproductive therapies like IUI or IVF/ ICSI.

Please bring the following with you

  • Copies of all investigations
  • Copies of charts, including laboratory details, if you had previous treatments
  • Information about your previous medical and surgical interventions
  • Anything else you believe is important for the discussion
  • List of questions you would like answers to.
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