Dr. Edgar Mocanu
Advanced Reproduction

Advanced Reproduction

Scientific progress makes the dream of a child possible. In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is the only option to have a genetic child for couples where the man has no sperm in the ejaculate or the woman has lost both Fallopian tubes. Such treatments are also used for other indications like severe endometriosis or severe semen abnormalities. I routinely offer you a diagnosis before proposing advanced fertility therapies like ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology to include IUI and IVF/ ICSI).

Your treatment success depends primarily on the age of the female and the cause of infertility. Despite significant advances in stimulation, embryo culture and freezing, success rates per cycle are never higher than 50%. Like all medical interventions, IVF and ICSI have potential risks and complications that need prior consideration and detailed discussion.

As a Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine, I have specific expertise in performing all types of ART therapy and look forward to offering you these treatments.


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